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Are you one who likes to know what others experiences have been before you commit?

I know I am! Here are some reviews written by my clients for you to peruse and put your mind at ease!

Bryana Blessinger - Portland, OR

Amanda recently took maternity photos of me and my family. She did such an amazing job of capturing us looking natural and relaxed, which was exactly what I had hoped for. She took some really creative shots that I never would have thought of, and they turned out to be some of my favorites! Not only did she take great shots, but she provided us with a CD of edited images before the weekend was out! I highly recommend her and would have her take my newborn photos as well if I didn't live all the way up in Portland!

Emma K - Vacaville, CA

Amanda is AMAZING. She was my photographer for my wedding AND for my first baby, and I will continue to use her as my only choice for a professional photographer. She goes out of her way to create phenomenal works of art that catch more than thought humanly possible. Upon viewing her pictures after my wedding, I was able to see subtle nuances and amazing detail that I never had the chance to see while "in the moment." It was like adding another dimension to my wedding that I never could have dreamed of. She will turn your wedding from 3-D to 4-D with her "third eye" camera skills! She caught just the right look or the tiny details that I overlooked while busy with people and wedding mayhem. She made sure every picture portrayed my wedding exactly as I wished, catching fairies dancing in rays of sunshine and medieval mystery in full brilliant color, or in tones that portrayed an ancient mystical feel. Her pictures will retell your wedding story better than any video can, and she adds an extra touch of love and delight with every click. She has ALWAYS provided more than enough photos that match exactly what I've wanted, and I am never left thinking, "oh I wish she had gotten this..." because she really captures it all, and more!!! A year later, upon taking photos on a windy cold day with a tiny baby, thinking that there was no way any would turn out right, she amazed us once again with some incredible shots...somehow she was able to make them all magnificent and turned my tired non-photogenic new mommy look into pure beauty. How she did it is beyond me...she must have a touch of magic or something!

Kate Gayton Almásy- Anaheim, CA

Amanda Looney is a wonderfully talented photographer! She captures her subjects so beautifully. She makes you feel at ease as if she isn't even there. Her photos have a quality about them that is magical. She brings out the beauty in all she captures!

Meagan Maye-Weber- Coos Bay, OR

Amanda is my favorite photographer hands down. I recently turned down a free photoshoot that I had won, the photographer was wonderful and has a great eye but I knew that only Amanda would capture my family the way I envisioned it. Not only did she, but she went above and beyond and wowed us all over again. I say again because she also captured our wedding day nearly 7 years ago. She was incredible then and has only been more refined through passion and opportunity to capture more and more memories for others. Also, Amanda has four children and it really gives her an edge when doing a large family photo shoot, she understands the quirks of different ages and wisely uses it to her advantage in getting those split second, never again to be available shots! I would encourage anyone to let Amanda use her gift to preserve your special moments in time. Her gift is priceless and the quality of her work a fine treasure to have on your walls!

Kayla Leighann McDowell- Bandon, OR

Amanda has a true talent for photography! Every photo session she shoots comes out amazing! You can tell when you are with her that she loves taking pictures and she is not just doing it for a job. She is also amazing at getting people to laugh and have a good time during the session rather than being nervous! :) every photo I have had done by Amanda has always been amazing!! I could not choose someone else I would rather have taking my pictures other than her!!!! :)

Kelsey Jordan Ereth - North Bend, OR

Amanda did my senior pictures this year, I told her the theme I wanted and my pictures turned out amazing! Better then I hoped :) She is an excellent photographer and super fun and easy to work with! She's very talented when it comes to capturing the perfect photo. I highly recommend her for any kind of photo shoot! :)

Carie Curtis - Coos Bay, OR

Amanda has an amazing eye for making your pictures simply breath taking...with the natural ability to capture her subjects just the right way, highlighting the beauty with in and around the subject before her. Her laid back, yet in charge personality, will make your photo session feel like you just enjoyed time with a good friend. I do believe you will be highly satisfied in choosing AmandaElise Photography for all your memory catching needs!

Jessica Bauer-Lay - North Bend, OR

Amanda did an amazing job on our family pictures. She was super flexible and fast but yet got multiple poses and pictures to chose from! Her prices are very competitive and she does a great job capturing that perfect photo! The pictures she did of my children are priceless! They are my favorites and I had them Enlarged and copied multiple times. People ask me all the time who did our pictures and I quickly tell them AmandaElise photography! Truly the best on the South Coast!!!

KimberandGabe Ouellette - Coos Bay, OR

Amanda has done multiple shoots for our family and she is amazing! She has her very own style that is unique and beautiful- She is so sweet and fun at shoot and can make anyone feel comfortable! We just love her :)

Brynn Terhaar - Coos Bay, OR

Amanda has done three amazing sessions for our family. I was initially apprehensive because not only do we dread photos but I had such a specific style in mind that I feared it would be difficult to articulate. I was surprised & relieved at how quickly the shoot was & captured exactly the style I had hoped for. Whimsical, efficient & easy to work with, Amanda is at the very top of my list for photographers.

Audrine Goergen- Medford, OR

We found Amanda through the reccommendation from a family member and I am so glad that we did! Amanda took our wedding photos and perfectly captured our special day. From make-up and dresses to family and wedding party, she had creative and fun ideas to make each photo memorable. Thank you Amanda for helping us make our day a huge success!